BESTARD Dublin Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort 3721

BESTARD Dublin Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort 3721

BESTARD Dublin Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort.

A genuine super-shoe in all respects: comfort, functionality and finish. With this attractive and lightweight shoe on your feet, you don’t need to pack any other footwear for your weekend travels, even for places with unstable weather. Long walks in the city or a stroll in the countryside, our Dublin has been designed for
comfort and function in equal parts. Made with a roomy last and fitted with the new Vibram Best outsole for a secure and comfortable step.


Upper Nobuk Hidrofugado  

Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort

Bestflex 1 / Super Flexible



Vibram® Best Travel + EVA 

940 gr / par (Size 8)


Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort

GORE-TEX® Guarantee for water-proof and breathability

Bestard is the Spanish brand which has been using Gore-Tex-lining in mountain boots the longest. Thanks to our close relationship with W.L. Gore during these last 20 years, we have managed to manufacture boots with a unique combination of being durably water-proof on one hand, and efficient in expelling the humidity created inside the boot on the other.

The secret behind this optimal result is not only the use of the Gore-Tex-lining itself, but in the careful selection of high-performance materials combined with careful and meticulous methods of manufacturing our boots, a system learnt through many years of experience and small day-to-day improvements.

The Gore-Tex-lining is a system by itself, whose principle component is the waterproof membrane made of stretched PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) whose breathable surface consists of millions of micro-pores.

Due to the possibilities arising from the use of different functional layers of the lining, there are different Gore-Tex linings with different performances available. All of them, however, are waterproof and breathable.

In this particular boot we use a version with the following characteristics:

Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort

  • All-year indoor comfort and outdoor protection
  • Extremely breathable to prevent feet from overheating
  • Optimum heat conductivity and excellent moisture management ensure all-day climate comfort inside the shoe
  • Durable waterproof protection stops moisture from seeping in

GORE-TEX® membrane

1. Wind
2. Rain
3. Outer material
4. GORE-TEX® membrane
5. Polyester functional inner lining
6. Inner linning
7. Water vapour (sweat)

The level of rigidity of a boot depends mainly on its midsole.

We use six different Bestflex midsoles made from different materials, giving our boots five different levels of rigidity and flexibility, each ideal for its intended use.

The midsoles marked with a ‘+ P®’ are aditionally lined with PORON® Performance, which gives the boot a high energy return and excellent impact absorption for the complete life of the boo (for more information, see: PORON® Performance)

Bestflex 1 / Super Flexible

This is our most flexible midsole, and is therefore used in light shoes where the day-to-day comfort is the most important feature, and where the use is limited to travel, lighter hiking and urban use.
High density footbed which helps to keep the feet dry and to avoid early fatigue of feet and muscles. Thanks to its capacity to mould itself around the foot, the complete foot finds support and effective shock-absorption at each step.

Lined with strong Cambrelle®, the footbed prevents the build up of fungus, bacteria and offensive smells. It also helps to keep the feet dry thanks to its capacity to absorb humidity, to its breathability and its quick drying.
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The human foot is a complicated work of engineering, creating an infinite number of different sizes and shapes, making the task of manufacturing a well-fitting boot suiting everybody quite a difficult one. Therefore we make boots which reflect, as much as possible, the differences in peoples feet as well as in the intended activity. To do this, we use a number of different lasts which have been carefully designed and developed in order to fit the largest number of different foot-shapes possible.


Standard last with medium-high width (Extra Wide)




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