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BESTARD Breithorn Lite BG3 Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort

BESTARD Breithorn Lite BG3 Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort

BESTARD Breithorn Lite BG3 Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort. Extraordinary and very resistant 3-season trekking boot, made out of unbreakable one-piece Nubuck leather without stitching and with rubber reinforcement at the toe area. In spite of its robustness it’s an unusually comfortable and efficient boot, with a high degree of sensitivity, freedom of movement and great fit. Ideal for longer trekking routes, now matter how rough the terrain and adverse the weather. Thanks to the incorporation of the Multifunction BG3 outsole, excels on slippery terrains such as snow, ice, humid or mossy rock etc

Upper Water-Repellent 2,7 mm Nubuk / Rubber

Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort

Bestflex 3 / Normal


Europa H

SUV Multifunction BG3 + EVA

1.510 grs/par (Size 8)

Other characteristics
·  Quick-lock
·  One-piece-upper
·  Adjustment loops
·  Rubber–protection on the toe

Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort

GORE-TEX® Guarantee for water-proof and breathability

Bestard is the Spanish brand which has been using Gore-Tex-lining in mountain boots the longest. Thanks to our close relationship with W.L. Gore during these last 20 years, we have managed to manufacture boots with a unique combination of being durably water-proof on one hand, and efficient in expelling the humidity created inside the boot on the other.

The secret behind this optimal result is not only the use of the Gore-Tex-lining itself, but in the careful selection of high-performance materials combined with careful and meticulous methods of manufacturing our boots, a system learnt through many years of experience and small day-to-day improvements.

The Gore-Tex-lining is a system by itself, whose principle component is the waterproof membrane made of stretched PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) whose breathable surface consists of millions of micro-pores.

Due to the possibilities arising from the use of different functional layers of the lining, there are different Gore-Tex linings with different performances available. All of them, however, are waterproof and breathable.

In this particular boot we use a version with the following characteristics:

Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort

  • Moderately insulated for cool to changing conditions
  • Optimal combination of breathability and insulation keep feet warm and dray, even in unexpected weather
  • Durable waterproof protection stops moisture from seeping in

GORE-TEX® membrane

1. Wind
2. Rain
3. Outer material
4. GORE-TEX® membrane
5. Polyester functional inner lining
6. Inner linning
7. Water vapour (sweat)


New revolutionary outsole which excels specially for use on all kind of slippery surfaces where a traditional rubber-sole might fail, such as winter walks on snow and ice, trekking on humid and mossy rock, metal staircases along a Via Ferrata etc.

The development of the BG3 Multifunction system was born with the idea to try to improve the grip of a trekking-outsole on normally slippery surfaces, without having to sacrifice its resistant to abrasion. The now world-wide patented innovation consists of advanced industrial process which permits the use of different kind of materials together, thus benefiting from their different advantages in one single sole.

  1. A High Tech TEXTILE cylinder in each lug for excellent grip.
  2. Soft rubber compound for enhanced grip within each textile cylinder
  3. Hard rubber with high abrasion resistance for protection of the softer parts of the sole and long life of the sole.
  4. EVA microporous midsole for improved shock-absorption and reduced weight.



Water-Repellent 2,7 mm Nubuk / Rubber

Nubuk is derived from natural full-grain leather. The outer epidermal layer of natural leather is maintained because the fibres, or grain, are naturally very close-bonded. This gives the leather a tough and water resistant consistency, with natural insulation against the cold. In order to obtain the characteristic velvety suede effect of Nubuk leather, the natural grain is given a light sanding. This results in more breathable, supple leather with a better response to water-proofing agents but which retains the desirable characteristics of full-grain leather.

The level of rigidity of a boot depends mainly on its midsole.

We use six different Bestflex midsoles made from different materials, giving our boots five different levels of rigidity and flexibility, each ideal for its intended use.

The midsoles marked with a ‘+ P®’ are aditionally lined with PORON® Performance, which gives the boot a high energy return and excellent impact absorption for the complete life of the boo (for more information, see: PORON® Performance)

Bestflex 3 / Normal

A midsole with a perfect balance of flexibility combined with lateral and longitudinal rigidity, ideal for trekking in mixed terrains of varying difficulties.
High density footbed which helps to keep the feet dry and to avoid early fatigue of feet and muscles. Thanks to its capacity to mould itself around the foot, the complete foot finds support and effective shock-absorption at each step.

Lined with strong Cambrelle®, the footbed prevents the build up of fungus, bacteria and offensive smells. It also helps to keep the feet dry thanks to its capacity to absorb humidity, to its breathability and its quick drying.
The human foot is a complicated work of engineering, creating an infinite number of different sizes and shapes, making the task of manufacturing a well-fitting boot suiting everybody quite a difficult one. Therefore we make boots which reflect, as much as possible, the differences in peoples feet as well as in the intended activity. To do this, we use a number of different lasts which have been carefully designed and developed in order to fit the largest number of different foot-shapes possible.

Europa H

Standard last with medium width, with slightly more volume (height) in the toe-box.



The lacing system includes a brake, either the Quick-lock clinch-rings or a tight hook, which locks the lace half-way up. This allows a clever differentiated lacing pressure system where the user can regulate the tightness of the lacing in the leg without changing the tightness over the foot. This might be useful, for instance, when wanting to tighten the leg for better support when passing an area with complicated rocks, and wanting to loosen it up when doing easy walking routes, without changing the pressure over the foot at any moment..



Moulds itself perfectly around the foot and thanks to being seam-less avoids risk of leakage or breakage.

Adjustment loops


Facilitate putting the boot on and finding the correct positioning of the tongue. Also practical for attaching the shoe to your rucksack, harness etc. for transport.

Rubber?protection on the toe


Gives the following advantages to the boot:
  • protection at the area of the toes against impacts
  • improves isolation agaisnt cold and humidity
  • protects the boot against wear and tear
  • improves total traction

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